Theatre Key Workers

By Ali Wright

Since COVID-19 and the closure of theatres, more than 70% of self employed workers in the creative industries are worried they will not be able to pay their bills (BECTU Union), including close to 50% not eligible for any government support (The Stage). 


As a sector built on creativity, we have been known to innovatively turn every threat to an opportunity and the current pandemic is no exception. Theatre professionals are adapting, repurposing their skillset,  as a way to survive financially, remain resilient to the evolving world, to exist meaningfully for the community and play an active role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Theatre photographer Ali Wright's series My Latest Role is a collection of environmental portraits to tell the stories of these theatre key workers. 

If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation to The Theatrical Guild, to support theatre workers facing financial hardship 

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