My Latest Role Ali Wright Sarah O'Connor Actor Key Worker Theatre

When lockdown began I was working on Waitress at the Adelphi theatre. We were stopped from performing immediately and within days the show was closed for good. This meant it closed 4 months early.

I saw online that care workers were needed and I felt I had health and age on my side so I was at a lower risk than some. I’ve always had an interest in health services and I enjoy caring for people. I can’t get to my family during this time so I thought it would be good to know that other people’s loved ones are being cared for.

I bought a bike for getting to and from work, avoiding public transport and getting some extra exercise in. The work varies from day to day. It can consist of waking people up, helping with exercise, medication, bathing, making meals, food shopping, cleaning around the house and general company. Everyone is different and it is always nice to meet new people.It has been a huge adjustment, the times I work are opposite to what I was used to even though I’m glad to be out and to have a purpose to my day. My life has completely changed and there’s not much similar to what I was previously doing. Maybe in time if people want to hear me sing I will. But that hasn’t happened yet – it would be a bit random just bursting into song!

​It is challenging in a lot of ways and emotionally it takes its toll. But also, if anyone is interested in caring and feels they could do it, apply! Whilst it is tough it is also very worthwhile and rewarding. We’re all human and need to look out for one another.’ 

I’m very grateful about the money that has been given to the arts. It’s split between a lot of areas in the industry but it’s a start so I hope they continue this support. We need to encourage the arts industry to reopen as soon as possible, we shouldn’t just be “next year sometime” we all depend on the income, it’s our livelihoods. Fingers crossed this is the first step and there’s more to come soon.